San Marcos CA Pokémon Go Players Can Benefit From Massage Therapy


Pokémon Go is spectacularly popular these days, and seemingly everyone is playing it, even residents in San Marcos California. Public places have been uncharacteristically crowded with people searching for hidden mythical creatures with their cell phones, and walking for miles in places they normally wouldn’t consider exploring. But many people that have been fans of Pokémon games for many years may not be used to the level of physical activity that Pokémon Go seems to inspire.

Note: Visit our Pokemon GO San Marcos CA map here.

Any time a new exercise regimen in adopted it’s important to set a healthy pace and gradually build up to a healthy level of activity. While playing Pokémon Go isn’t the same as running a marathon, there is still a fair amount of physical activity involved. Anyone not used to that may develop adverse side affects if they haven’t properly prepared for their long distance journeys in search of new captures.

As with any type of exercise, stretching it an important first step. Spend a few minutes getting your body loose and limber, and the chances of getting a cramp while walking will be much lower. The same goes after finishing up. As muscles work they excrete lactic acid, which can build up throughout the exercise session. Stretching helps release the lactic acid into the blood stream, where it’s flushed away safely. Without stretching, it will soak back into the muscles and cause considerable pain after the workout.

Even with proper stretching, some muscles won’t be used to the new level of activity they are being used for, and may end up feeling sore any how. This is where massage therapy can really help. Whether it’s a sore back, legs, feet, or any other part of the body, our trained massage therapists can work with you to relieve any discomfort that you’re feeling.

Massage therapy not only reduced pain, but accelerates healing, too. Any tiny tears in the muscle fibers caused by exercise will heal more quickly, and become stronger in the process. It’s the entire basis of strength training and body building. Even those that aren’t looking to compete in the Olympics will still undergo this process when they increase their normal level of daily physical activity.

So if chasing down your favorite Pokémon has given you cramps, aches, or pains, give us a call. We’ll work to get you feeling better quickly, and make sure that future discomfort won’t get in the way, After all, you gotta catch ’em all!

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