Massage Types


Massage is the art of applying pressure to the body with the goal of reducing tension and pressure and increasing blood flow.

There are many different types of massage style and techniques, among them Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology and Trigger Point.

  • Swedish Massage -Swedish massage is the most widely known and is usually what most people think of when they think of massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage – Deep tissue massage is the most widely used for relief of chronic pain
  • Trigger Point Massage – A Trigger point massage is to release tight knotted muscles to decrease pain and increase range of motion
  • Prenatal Massage – A massage for you and baby
  • Reflexology Massage – Reflexology massage is to manipulate the tissue to tweak the organs, glands or systems
  • Cranial Sacral Massage – Cranial sacral mass is best for people with chronic headaches and migranes
  • Couples Massage – Enjoy the relaxing benefits of massage with your love one
  • Sport Massage – Sports massage is for athletes to remove toxins, help muscle recovery, and increase mobility

Swedish massage uses five basic strokes:

  • Effleurage involves a sliding or gliding motion
  • Petrissage involves kneading the muscles
  • Tapotement involves a rhythmic tapping, most often given with the edge of the hand
  • Friction applies friction either across the fibers of muscle or with the grain.
  • Vibration or shaking

The term Swedish massage is not used in Sweden, where it is called Classic Massage.

One can get up to 15 weeks relief from Swedish massage according to clinical studies.