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Can a sauna kill the flu virus?

This year’s flu epidemic is particularly virulent and one of the worst in recent history. It has resulted in the deaths of more than 130 people so far, including many children. Flu vaccines are comprised of specific types of flu virus so if you get a flu shot, it won’t necessarily protect you from the flu virus to which you’ve been exposed. Is there anything you can do to speed the healing process once you’ve contracted the flu? Absolutely.

What Is A Flu Virus?

There are four types of flu virus, three of which can infect humans. Types A,B, and C are viral infections, they aren’t bacterial and they won’t be affected by antibiotics. All of them are highly contagious and they attack the respiratory system, upper or lower or both. The viruses can be spread by airborne contact or physical contact. Many flu viruses can live for days on surfaces so it’s important to wash your hands often and avoid contact with those who have the flu, a directive that’s easier given than implemented.

Recovery And Diet

The age-old advice of getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated has proven to be one of the best basic remedies for fighting the flu. Chicken soup, grandma’s remedy, has proven to be beneficial because it’s easily digestible, contains lots of water, and has protein, which your body needs to effect repairs. The body uses cysteine, an amino acid in chicken, to thin and eliminate the mucus in the lungs, and the warmth of the soup is beneficial to your lungs and stomach. It’s important to eat when you have the flu even though you may not want food; chicken soup can help maintain your nutritional requirements yet not tax your digestive system.

Temperature And The Flu

One of the first symptoms of the flu is feeling cold; you may be bundled in blankets and flannel yet still feel very cold. There’s a scientific reason for this: The flu virus cannot survive in a hot environment so it reduces your body temperature in order to facilitate its survival in your body. Once your body has started to recuperate from the onslaught of the virus, your immune system starts to fight back by increasing your core body temperature. Viruses require cold temperatures to survive so by increasing your core temperature, your immune system begins to kill the invaders. During your recovery process, particularly when you have a fever, it’s especially important to drink ample amounts of water so that your body can eliminate all the metabolic toxins it’s generating.

Fever-Reducing Medications

Many flu remedies tout fever reduction as one of their benefits but is this really beneficial? No. In fact, it may result in harm to your body. Your immune system uses a fever to combat germs and viruses it perceives as invaders, which helps restore your health.

Can I Speed This Up?

The best way to eliminate the virus from your body is by elevating your core temperature. A sauna is a pleasant and excellent method for elevating your temperature. Far infrared saunas are more effective than other types of saunas at elevating your core temperature because they heat from the inside out. If there’s a far infrared sauna available to you, avail yourself of it. Other saunas heat your body from the outside in, but either type of sauna can be beneficial as long as you have no health issues that would contraindicate the use of a sauna.

If you use a sauna when you’re starting to feel the adverse effects of the flu, you mays shorten the duration of the infection by eliminating the virus early.

If You Already Have A Fever…

If you already have a fever, do not under any circumstances go to a sauna without prior approval from your doctor. An extremely high core temperature can be very dangerous or even fatal so you need to exercise caution when using a sauna, whether you’re sick or well. However, using a sauna at the first sign of the flu may lessen both the duration and the severity of the illness.

Massages For Her: A Good Valentine’s Day Gift?

Most women like to be pampered. Whether her occupation is a physician, construction worker, chef, librarian, homemaker, or she has a position in any other field, most women like to spend an hour or two relaxing with no responsibilities other than themselves. If your spouse or significant other spends most of her time tending to the needs of others, the gift of massage for Valentine’s Day can show her how much you care.

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The Gift That Lasts

Unlike flowers, champagne, or chocolate, the gift of massage will last far beyond the initial massage session. Studies have shown that the benefits of regular massage sessions can last for up to six months after cessation of the sessions. Many spas and individual practitioners offer quantity discounts so that a package of several massage sessions will be less expensive per massage than if they were purchased separately. Make her feel extra special by purchasing a package of massage sessions.

Beyond The Massage

In order for your woman to fully enjoy her day of massage, consider taking over her responsibilities for the day. Many spas have luxury amenities such as jacuzzis, steam rooms, and more that she can use during the day of her appointment. Arrange your schedule so that she can take full advantage of all the amenities the spa has to offer and that she can arrive early and free of stress.

Don’t Have A Clue?

If you have absolutely no idea what to give the woman in your life, a gift of massage or a day at the spa will make you her hero. You don’t have to worry about getting the right size or color, the caloric content, or her having a hangover. A gift of massage or a day at the spa will make her feel truly pampered and treasured and she’ll reap the health benefits long after the session has ended. Combining the massage with a day that’s free of her usual responsibilities and replete with her favorite dinner will be the ultimate luxury. Make sure she has transportation to and from the massage so that the stress of coping with traffic doesn’t undo all the benefits of the massage.

On A Budget?

If you’re on a budget and can’t afford a day at the spa, many individual practitioners will make home visits. Chair massages and/or a foot reflexology session are also an option and usually range from 10 to 30 minutes in duration. If you’re going this route, make sure the house is clean and free of distractions so that your woman can enjoy her massage time undisturbed, just as she would at the spa.

If you want to plan an intimate dinner for the two of you without the stress of going to a restaurant, there are many meal delivery services that will deliver gourmet meals that are ready to prepare and many restaurants will deliver meals to the local area. This is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day dinner together.

It’s Just The Two Of You

Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that the two of you can devote specifically to each other. Turn off the cell phones and other electronic disruptors, take the kids to grandma’s house, and devote the time to each other only. Too often, the stress and responsibilities of daily life can wreak havoc on a relationship. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to reconnect with the person you fell in love with. Make the time for just the two of you and she can use her massage gift certificate at a later date. Whatever your individual preference, celebrate your relationship in the way that best suits you both.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day: Should We Get A Couples Massage?

Valentine’s Day is all about intimacy and your relationship with your spouse or significant other, and a couple’s massage is one of the most intimate experiences the two of you can share. Massage, particularly Swedish massage, promotes the release of endorphins that relax you and increase your feelings of happiness and overall well being. If you’ve never had a couples massage, you might not know what to expect. If neither of you have had a couples massage, then knowing what to expect can help both of you get the most enjoyment from your experience.

Be On The Same Page

A couples massage is a great idea but it’s not the same for everyone. If you’re planning a couples massage as a surprise, try to surreptitiously get an idea of what your partner would like in a massage. You may need to call the spa if you’re not sure what’s included. Some massage techniques aren’t conducive to relaxation so make sure you select Swedish or another form that’s relaxing.

If you’re planning the massage together, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment from the experience. Not only will you both receive the massage you want but you’ll have the enjoyment of planning the entire experience and you may opt for a combination of treatments, such as a private jacuzzi and a body scrub in addition to your massage.

Allow More Time Than You Think You Need

A massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience but its effects are negated if you arrive harried and stressed because you’re late. Valentine’s Day is one day out of the year, so allow enough time in your schedule to get to your couples massage at least a half-hour early. Usually, those who schedule a massage at a spa are entitled to use the other facilities which can include the jacuzzi, the steam room, the lounge areas, the showers, and more. Arriving early will enable you to make full use of these luxurious amenities and you’ll be more relaxed for your massage.

Focus On Comfort

A couples massage is very intimate so the two of you need to be comfortable sharing a very personal space. Leave your electronic devices out of the equation and focus on your experience. Although you are sharing the massage, agree beforehand that each of you will control your experience regarding the details of the individual massage, such as pressure, sore spots, and so forth.


It’s best for the massage therapist if you undress completely but not everyone is comfortable with that. If you’re not, then leaving your shorts or panties on will facilitate the best massage. It can be difficult to work around bra straps so remove your bra if you can. You’ll be fully draped during the massage except for the area that the therapist is working on. Don’t worry about cellulite, love handles, or any other perceived body issues. To the massage therapist, your body is their work surface, it’s not a sexual thing. They’re looking only for sore spots, tired muscles, and other issues that may be causing you discomfort so relax and enjoy the massage.

Respect The Spa

Although massages encourage relaxation and positive emotions, remember that it’s a public space and must adhere to state and federal laws. No matter how much you enjoy your couples massage, there’s absolutely no sexual activity allowed. Getting evicted from the premises will certainly put a damper on your experience, so save the extracurricular activities until you get home.

Your massage therapists will appreciate a gratuity, 15 to 20 percent is the industry norm. That means 15 to 20 percent for each therapist not 20 percent for the two of them to split. Cash tips are preferable because the therapist gets the tip immediately. Gratuities that are included on a charge transaction may not be received for weeks.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is for the two of you. Set aside all other commitments and distractions and focus on spending time alone with your spouse or significant other. It will rejuvenate your body and mind as well as your relationship.

If you’re in the Vista or San Marcos California area, be sure to stop by or give us a call!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day: Is A Massage Gift Certificate Appropriate?

A massage gift certificate is one of the most personal and personalizable gifts you can give the special person in your life. A gift of massage shows your valentine that you care about his or her health and have gone the extra mile to provide them with an hour or two of pampering.

If you’re in the Vista or San Marcos California area, take a look at our 2018 gift certificate package:

What Type Of Massage Certificate Should I Give?

Most spas and most individual practitioners offer a variety of massages and some offer massage packages wherein you prepay for multiple massages and receive a discount compared to purchasing the massage sessions separately. Individual preference is the best criteria for determining the type of massage to get, but your recipient can make that decision, you don’t have to decide when you purchase the gift certificate.

Can I Purchase A Couples Massage?

You can purchase a couples massage, which will involve two therapists and you and your valentine can receive a massage simultaneously.

Where Do I Find Gift Certificates For Massage?

For those who have planned ahead, gift certificates can be purchased over the phone and mailed. If you’re short on time, they can be purchased online and downloaded or they can be picked up in person at a spa or from a massage therapist. Businesses vary in their practices and the length of time for which a gift certificate is valid, so be sure to check on their policies when you’re purchasing the gift certificate.

Many practitioners and spas offer Valentine’s Day specials that can include amenities not normally included in a massage. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to ask. If there are have any allergies, be sure to inform the therapist when you schedule the massage. Sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, and jojoba oil are common carrier oils used for massage and you don’t want your valentine to have an allergic reaction to the oil.

What Types Of Massage Can I Receive?

Massage sessions can be tailored to your personal preference. Swedish is the most commonly requested type of massage. Its long, sweeping strokes are relaxing and help the body to rejuvenate. Shiatsu uses acupuncture points to alleviate knots, trigger points, and stress. It’s also popular because the client remains clothed and it’s very effective. Other popular types of massage include hot stone therapy and reflexology.

The type of massage you receive is determined by personal preference but any gift certificate for a massage is a great present for Valentine’s Day. If your celebration involves champagne or other alcohol, it’s best to wait until the day after the massage. Whatever type of massage gift certificate you choose, it’s a thoughtful and considerate way to show someone that you care.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day: Give Him The Gift Of Massage

For the man who has everything, or for those who want to, a professional massage can be the ultimate gift. As husbands, fathers, boyfriends, sons, friends, providers, and fix-it persons, men can sometimes be perceived as stoic and without needs. This is definitely not the case. A professional massage can provide the respite he needs to get relief from sore, aching muscles and tension-induced headaches.


If you’re hesitant to schedule a massage for your man because you don’t want another woman rubbing his body, set your apprehensions aside. There’s a difference between rubbing a body and professional massage strokes that target specific issues. However, both male and female massage therapists are available at almost all spas so you can opt for a male massage therapist if that will help. Sometimes, this is the best option anyway because:

  • Your man might feel more comfortable with a male therapist
  • Male massage therapists may be able to provide a firmer touch with more leverage on sore spots or trigger points
  • Your man might feel less comfortable if he thinks you might become jealous
  • Male therapists are usually very focused
  • A male therapist may understand your man’s aches, pains, and sore spots better

Massage therapists in most states undergo several hundred hours of training and hands-on clinical work before they become licensed. As professional therapists, they see hundreds of bare bodies in a year. To a therapist, a naked body is a client in pain not a sex object. The therapist will already know many of the issues the client is having just by observation; this will happen at first meeting, long before the massage table is reached. Massage therapists are professionals, so put your mind at rest on that issue.

Types of Massage Available

You can find a type of massage that will suit almost every guy. Whether he’s more into relaxing or he needs to recuperate from strenuous activity, there’s a massage for that. Many types of massage can be combined for a custom package, such as hot stone therapy and Swedish, or shiatsu and foot reflexology. The following are the most common types of massage therapy:

  • Swedish massage is relaxing and the perfect way to alleviate stress, it’s sometimes combined with aromatherapy.
  • Deep tissue massage can help alleviate tissue damage or muscle strain.
  • Sports massage can be beneficial for the athletic types.
  • Hot stone massage strategically placed warm stones to alleviate sore spots.
  • Shiatsu is pressure point therapy and the client usually remains clothed; no lotions or oils are used.
  • Thai massage combines yoga movements with stretching and is done fully clothed.
  • Reflexology is used on the feet to facilitate healing in all areas of the body.
  • Cranio sacral therapy focuses on the spinal column and neck and can alleviate pain and stress throughout the body.

Chair massages are available and can be very effective at addressing many issues and providing relaxation. Chair massage benefits are the same as those of a Swedish massage and can last from 10 to 30 minutes. Clients remain clothed for a chair massage and no oils or lotions are used.

Other Benefits

A massage for Valentine’s Day is one of the most thoughtful and caring gifts you can give. Massage releases endorphins that will elevate his mood and he’ll appreciate that you gave him an hour of pampering. Even the gruffest demeanor can melt under the hands of a skilled massage therapist.

If your guy hasn’t been to a spa before and is a little hesitant, let him know what to expect with Spa Etiquette and Tips for Men. Be sure that his spa or massage day is stress free so that it doesn’t undo the benefits of the massage.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day in Vista California

Valentine’s Day is one of the most highly commercialized holidays we have, and it can carry a hefty price tag as well. Between the expensive chocolates, the expensive champagne, the expensive dinner, and the very expensive roses, you can spend upwards of a week’s salary on just one night. Are there alternatives? Absolutely! Even if your valentine has everything, there are great gift ideas that won’t decimate your wallet.

If you’re in the Vista, California or San Marcos, California area, be sure to see our current special! Here it is for Valentine’s Day 2018:

Where Do I Start?

The best time to start planning the year’s gifts is on the first day of the year. Pay attention to casual conversations you have with your significant other. He or she is sure to mention “I’d really like to have one of those someday” or some equally revealing statement. Keep track of those statements so you’ll have an idea where to start when a gift is on the agenda.The type and duration of the relationship may factor into the type of gift you give as well as the amount you spend.

Helpful Hints For A Successful Gift

Often, people will select a gift based on their personal preferences. Often, this doesn’t yield the desired outcome. If you ignore your personal preferences and focus on the preferences of the person for whom you’re buying, you’ll achieve a much better outcome.

For instance, if you loathe fishing but your significant other is an avid fan, then a gift of fishing tackle, lures, lines, and boxes can be very much appreciated. Each person is unique, so their gifts should be unique to them. The Grommet has some unique gift ideas that may spark an idea for your significant other, no matter where their interests lie.

For The Guys

Sometimes, it can be difficult to buy a present for a guy, particularly for the guy who seems to already have it all. For those who are in this category, you’re sure to find something at Mancrates. Their selection may inspire you to put together something similar that’s personalized to your man.

For The Gals

Sometimes, it’s the woman who has everything and she’s also very particular. Remind her of the day your relationship began with a gift from Personal Creations.

I’m Not Cheap, I’m Broke

Even if you’re available cash is more like the dregs of a piggy bank, you can provide a thoughtful and romantic Valentine’s Day gift. Rather than expensive chocolates, buy good quality chocolate chips and chunks and make a batch of cookies from scratch. If he or she is diabetic, use stevia rather than sugar. Several excellent dinner recipes that use chicken, such as chicken with cider and bacon sauce, look like you spent hours in the kitchen but are simple enough for a novice. Preparing a meal at home provides a much more intimate celebration than one shared with hundreds of others in a restaurant. For those who have health issues, it can also indicate that you’re concerned about their health and well being.

Plan Ahead

If you don’t have unlimited funds or unlimited imagination, you need to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute to make your plans for Valentine’s Day. If you’re among the several million procrastinators in the U.S. who like to wait until the last minute to shop for any holiday, here are some unique gift ideas and here are some more. Forbes has compiled a list of gifts for under $25 that may help inspire you but not deplete your wallet.

It Truly Is The Thought That Counts

There are a myriad ways for you to express your sentiments to your valentine. Handmade cards still convey special meaning because of the effort made. If you’re artistically inclined or are proficient on a computer, you can make a unique card that’s absolutely stunning! Combine your handmade card with a batch of fresh cookies for a truly romantic gesture. For a unique approach to Valentine’s Day, try planning a picnic for your significant other.

Valentine’s Day is highly commercialized but that needn’t be the focus for you. Plan your Valentine’s Day celebration around the feelings you have for your valentine and his or her uniqueness. Celebrate the two of you in the way that makes you the happiest then sit back and enjoy it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Shoulder Pain And Massage: Helpful Or Not?

When we think of shoulder pain, it’s often the pain of tension and knots that come from working at a desk all day or engaging in strenuous work or sports. Shoulder pain, however, can stem from many other sources. It can be genetic, traumatic, structural, physiological, age-related, or referred. Regardless of the source, the result is the same: Your shoulders ache and you can’t get comfortable. Massage can help with that, and we can help you if you’re in the Vista or San Marcos California area.

What Massage Can And Cannot Do

Massage can stimulate blood flow to a sore area, it can stimulate the lymphatic system, which will help remove metabolic toxins. It can alleviate stiffness, relax the muscles, and release trigger points.

Massage can’t reduce edema, which is swelling, and inflammation in an area but it can promote additional blood flow which will help the body’s healing mechanisms to reduce the swelling and inflammation. Sometimes, massage is contraindicated in the presence of edema, other times massage is acceptable; be sure to ask your therapist.

If the shoulder has been injured, particularly if there has been a fracture, break, or dislocation, massage is contraindicated for the damaged area. It is acceptable to have other areas massaged, but your pain may make that counterproductive. If your shoulder or any other area has been injured, you should immediately schedule an appointment with your healthcare practitioner. When the injury has healed and with the approval of the healthcare professional, a massage can be scheduled. You should, however, inform your therapist about the injury.

Rotator cuff injuries can have varying degrees of damage and you should obtain the approval of your healthcare professional before receiving a massage in the area. You can, however, receive a massage in other parts of your body.

Shoulder Pain And Massage

Some types of shoulder pain emanate from the shoulder area and can be helped by massage.

Bursitis is an inflammation of one or more of the bursa sacs, which are fluid-filled sacs in the shoulder joint and elsewhere. Usually, bursitis occurs from overuse of the joint, and inflammation and edema are the results. Although massage won’t directly reduce these symptoms, it will encourage blood flow to the area and encourage the function of the lymphatic system. This encourages the body’s healing mechanisms so the swelling and inflammation will subside more quickly. Sometimes, the application of ice after the massage session can provide further encouragement to your body’s healing mechanisms.

Trigger Points
Trigger points in the shoulder can cause debilitating pain but can be quickly eliminated through massage. Occasionally, eliminating trigger points will require more than one session, but considerable relief can usually be provided with just one session of trigger point therapy.

Frozen Shoulder
Those who are experiencing the debilitating pain of a frozen shoulder may achieve a significant reduction in pain and stiffness after a massage session. Range of motion exercises and the application of heat can help speed recovery to the area. Be aware though, that a frozen shoulder can take months to fully heal; pain medications may be necessary in addition to the massage sessions.

Those who suffer from the pain and discomfort of arthritis often find relief in a relaxing massage. Whether it’s rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis, the relaxing strokes of a Swedish massage can activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This will help alleviate pain and help reduce the stress and anxiety that accompanies an episode of OA or RA. Recent studies reported by the National Institutes of Health have proven the efficacy of massage in treating both arthritis.

Referred Shoulder Pain
If you’re having shoulder pain and there’s no mitigating factors that you’re aware of, you might want to consult your medical practitioner before scheduling a massage. Shoulder pain can be a sign of a more serious issue, such as gall stones, a cardiovascular event, an inflamed appendix, problems in the pelvic area, the lungs, or abdomen. These issues vary in degrees of severity but can be life-threatening so it’s important to check with your medical professional before scheduling a massage if you have unexplained shoulder pain.

They Just Hurt

For those with no mitigating factors, a massage can provide substantial relief from shoulder pain, whether mild or excruciating. Massage can also restore alignment to the body. Sometimes, when the shoulders hurt, people will hunch their shoulders or lift one higher than the other in an effort to alleviate pain. Massage can restore proper alignment and posture by eliminating shoulder pain. A regularly scheduled massage is one of the best methods for preventing the onset of shoulder pain, and alleviating it if you already have it. Call your massage therapist today and schedule an appointment and keep your shoulders pain-free.

Massage for California’s Rock Climbers: Does This Really Work?

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally challenging sport that has gained significantly in popularity in the past few years. Along with an increase in its popularity has been an increase in the associated muscle strains, sprains, and pulls that have the climbers rushing to their massage therapists and chiropractors.

If you’re a rock climber in the Vista or San Marcos, California area, we’d love to treat you at our spa and wellness center.

Massage For Rock Climbers

The many types of rock climbing venues ensure an equally varied number of massage treatments for the overtaxed muscles that ensue. Rock climbers pursue their passion on the sides of cliffs, in indoor gyms, on cruise ships, sea cliffs, mountains, and deserts. If you’ve sustained an injury during your rock climbing, you should first consult with your medical professional to ensure that you receive proper treatment for the injury. Your next visit should be to your massage therapist.

Types Of Massage For Climbers

The best type of massage for your after-climb body depends largely on personal preference. Some climbers swear by Rolfing, which is a type of structural integration massage developed by a physicist and biochemist named Dr. Ida Rolf during the 20th century. Dr. Rolf’s premise is that the structural integrity of the body is compromised by the effects of gravity. Rolfing uses structural bodywork in addition to manipulation of the fascia to realign the body. The fascia is a thin tissue that lies just under the skin and covers the entire surface of the body. When the fascia is stiff or sticky, it can inhibit movement so rock climbers in particular need to have a pliable fascia.

Myoskeletal Massage
This type of massage targets structural alignment and requires active participation from the client rather than the passive participation of a Swedish massage. Myoskeletal can help reverse structural misalignment that can occur with many forms of rock climbing.

Sports Massage
Sports is a more vigorous type of massage than Swedish or trigger point therapy. Sports massage uses cross-fiber friction to break up adhesions that may have formed, it uses range of motion exercises to stretch and lengthen taut tendons, and significantly increases blood circulation. When used prior to a climb, sports massage can lessen the potential damage to the body. It can also provide a more enjoyable climb because the muscles and tendons are already warmed up and the fascia is pliable.

Some climbers have found that sports massage improves their skills, thus enabling them to progress to the next level of their sport.

Deep Tissue Massage
Rock climbing uses a variety of muscles, but some muscles bear the brunt of the sport. The back, forearms, neck., and shoulders can develop knots and trigger points that can be eliminated using deep tissue massage. Range of motion techniques can be included in a deep tissue massage in order to restore flexibility to overworked and stressed out muscles.

Trigger Point Therapy
Sometimes used alone or sometimes in conjunction with other massage techniques, trigger point therapy can help eliminate the painful knots that can occur when a muscle is overworked. Trigger point therapy can help eliminate referred pain that may manifest in one area but be generated in another area.

Massage And Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for rock climbers. If you’re not rested and able to make good decisions, you can make a serious judgment error and damage yourself. Massage of any type will help you sleep better because it helps the various systems in your body interact better with each other. In massage terms, it restores homeostasis, which is when all of the systems in the body are working together properly.

Massage and Stress

Massage will help reduce your stress level. It stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is also called the “rest and digest” system. Levels of cortisol are reduced, you sleep better, and your mood improves because massage stimulates the release of dopamine and serotonin. When your body isn’t stressed out, your athletic performance will improve and you’ll become a better rock climber.

If You’re Still Not Convinced…

A regular weekly massage can help your body maintain homeostasis and maintain your immune system. Rock climbers have unique physical stresses that can damage the body if left uncorrected. The techniques used to gain finger holds and toe holds as well as the constant need to look upward can torque the body in ways it wasn’t designed to go.

Addressing these structural compromises as they occur will help your body maintain balance and structural stability as well as overall physiological well-being.

Call your massage therapist and schedule a sports massage before your next climbing session and a therapeutic session after your next climb. Your body will be healthier and you’ll be happier without the aches and pains that can accompany the invigorating sport of rock climbing.

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